Oscillation offers a wide variety of Genres and Sounds. Our featured acts for 2016 are listed below.


Sadly, The Strand has been forced to cancel their appearance due a death in a band member’s family. We wish them all the best at this time.


The Strand is an Arizona based industrial group. Dave Strand formed the band in 1999. The current band members include Laura McQuaig, Bryon Anderson, Elias Lewter, Scott Levy, Dave Strand, and Steve Laskarides. The Strand’s style varies from industrial dance, EBM, electro-industrial, and industrial rock. Find them at http://www.strandland.com

The Echoing Green 


The Echoing Green is Joey Belville, Chrissy Jeter, Wil Foster, John Ball, and David Adams. Hailing from Albuquerque, NM, they play Synthpop that is meant to make you dance. Find them at http://www.echocentral.com 



Blackcell is a live electronic band from Denver, CO. http://www.blackcellhq.com/



ANDRAKO blends industrial-digital-hardcore-metal elements together to create uniquely gritty noise with a schitzo personality. Conceived by Andrako H3llspawn in 2005 the sound of ANDRAKO pays homage to the godfathers of industrial metal and digital hardcore while seeking new sounds and textures. Sometimes reserved, sometimes explosive, always electric!… much more is yet to come!! http://www.andrako.net/

brian botkiller


brian botkiller is an electronic musician and drummer from New Mexico. He plays live electronic music that is often fueled by Anti-political and activist themes. http://www.brianbotkiller.com

Diseased Entity 


Diseased Entity is a solo project by an electronic musician named Spencer Pellegrino.  Having a huge passion for music from a very young age, he started messing around with synths in his teen years and eventually started the project in the Fall of 2013.  The style for Diseased Entity can be described as Electro-Industrial but often has hints of EBM & Synthpop.  https://www.facebook.com/diseased.entity/



Diverje was started by Tommy T, front-man of DSBP Records, in 1996. The band started as a metal/industrial hybrid and has mutated since to create a powerful Industrial/electronic hybrid unlike those currently found in the popular music circuit. In the Studio, Tommy T creates the many layers of Industrial and electronic rhythms and melodies, as well as providing vocals, programming and production for Diverje’s many releases. On the stage, Diverje is brought to life by NINO BROWN(GUITAR, KEYBOARDS), VICENTE (KEYBOARDS), KENNY(NOISE TREATMENTS,DISTORTED BEATS). Diverje aims to provide one of the most energetic and entertaining live performances of Industrial music seen on a stage, and delivers on all fronts, having shared the stage with Chemlab, Skinny Puppy, Armageddon Dildos, Imperative Reaction, Hocico, and many other staples of the Industrial and Electronic music world. http://www.dsbp.cx/diverje



What began as a little boy tinkering away at a piano has since evolved into Leiahdorus – a rock/electronic band with evocative lyrics of adoration intertwined with piano, lush synthesizers, tremendous guitars, and drums. One of New Mexico’s premiere live electronic acts, OSCILLATION is proud to host Leiahdorus! http://www.leiahdorus.com

Somno Profundante 


Formerly known as sleepdepth, Somno Profundante is the dark art of Ehren Salazar in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Using found sounds and a mixture of vintage, modern and home made equipment, SOMNO PROFUNDANTE invokes whatever spirits prove the best performers in his speechless psychodrama that calls from the demon haunted woodlands of Norway, the industrial sound of Sheffield, Giorgio’s arpeggiated ecstasy and the somber zombie shuffles of 70’s Italia.https://www.facebook.com/sleepdepth/

Simian Breed



Live electronics from New Mexico.

Wurm/Worship No Apparatus 


Live electronics, Industrial rock,  noise, and experimentalism from New Mexico. https://www.facebook.com/Worship-No-Apparatus-831777160204270/

Xibalbalola Aadddj 


XIBALBALOLA began djing in the late 1990s on WTBU in Boston. Since returning to her home state in 1999, she has been a resident dj at a number of goth/industrial night incarnations in Albuquerque including KGB, Thee Sanctuary, Sanctuary Above the Crypt, Black Lotus, Requiem at Pulse and 211, Cypher System at OPM, and Shadow Circuitry at the District. She was also a founding member of Darker Vision, which performed at the District, Golden West, and El Rey. XIBALBALOLA has also guest djed at the Launchpad, the Sunshine, Sister Bar, Blackbird Buvette, Burt’s Tiki Lounge, the Atomic Cantina, the Agency, the Moonlight Lounge, The ABQ Press Club, Revlis, Black Market Goods, Rallis, DeNile, and for various house parties and weddings.

XIBALBALOLA loves to dj for live shows and has been a regular dj for KGB, Thee Sanctuary, Sanctuary Above the Crypt, and for several Oscillations. She has also had the pleasure of spinning for Alchemical Burn, Assemblage 23, Bind Torture Kill, Cranial Smash Device, Diverje, Espermachine, Glass Menageries, God Module, Hanzel und Gretyl, More Machine than Man, Slick Idiot, the Strand, The Howlin’ Wolves, Tripping Dogs, Venus DeMars and all the Pretty Horses, Vertigo Venus, and others. She also loves spinning and sinning with the ladies of Black Widow Cabal.